Taxing Cannabis

Taxing Cannabis = £6.5 b

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Wednesday, 26th September 2018

Cannabis Prices

Cannabis Market Shares - UK 1994-2007

During the last 13 years IDMU has been monitoring the market shares of various types of cannabis. The graph below shows the different market shares over the years for resin, soap bar resin, Skunk (a generic term for home grown flowering tops) and Other Bush (imported bush).

As can clearly be seen back in 1994 skunk held approx 12% of the market, all resin 28% and other bush just under 40%.

In 2007 things had dramatically changed, with all resin accounting for approx 22% and all Bush (including skunk) had taken over 78%, of which skunk accounted for 71%.

Cannabis Market Shares - UK 1994-2007