Tuesday, 16th October 2018

Cocaine Crack Prices

Cocaine and Crack Price Trends 1995 to 2008

Cocaine – The apparent stability of cocaine prices (small drop in 2008) masks a diverging market between high-quality ‘Peruvian’ (50% plus purity at £50-£60 per gram) and low-quality ‘Budget’ cocaine (under 20% purity for £25-£40 per gram).


cocaine price trends 1994 to 2008
Crack Cocaine rock prices have fluctuated wildly over the years but are now at a historic low, however prices reflect smaller deals, such that a £20 rock would typically weigh 150-250mg whereas a £10 rock would weight 80-150mg. Purities are at an all time low, gone are the days when a rock of crack would be 80% plus pure. Purities as low as 20% have been found in street samples.