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Regular Users II - Contents Page

1 Introduction 3

1 Questionnaire distribution and response rates

2 UK Cannabis Prices

Proportional Cannabis Prices By Weight of "Deal"

UK Cannabis Prices by Variety of Cannabis

UK Cannabis Prices - Equivalents per Gram

Regional Cannabis Prices (All Varieties)

3 Purchasing Patterns

Quantity of Cannabis bought by monthly purchase frequency

Quantity of Cannabis bought by most recent purchase

Cannabis Purchase Frequency Distributions

Monthly Spending on Cannabis by Frequency of Use

4 Home Grown

Cultivation of Cannabis Plants

5 Estimated Economic Effects of UK Cultivation

ONS Implied values of Homegrown

IDMU Implied values of Homegrown

6 Market Shares of Cannabis Varieties

Cannabis Varieties - Market Analysis

7 Regional Variations in Cannabis Prices

Unweighted Market Shares by Region

Weighted Market Shares by Region

8 Changes in Cannabis Prices and Market Shares 1994-97

Regional Cannabis Price Changes 1994-97 (%)

Change in Market Shares by Region 1994 -97

9 Other Cannabis Price Data

10 Estimating the Value of the UK Cannabis Market

Implied values of Imports

Implied values of Imports

Implied values of All Cannabis

Implied values of All Cannabis

ONS Estimated Cannabis Values after balancing

11 Estimating UK Consumption from Seizures and Busts

Proportion of cannabis deals by weight of deal

Home Growing and "busts"

Cannabis Price weighted by size of transaction ("deal")

"Busts" by Unit Purchase

Busts" by Unit Purchase and Transactions ("deals") per bust

Estimates of Market ValuesFrom Seizure Statistics

Estimates of Market Values from Conviction Statistics


12 Other Illegal Drugs Markets

UK Illegal Drug Prices

13 Other Drugs - Purchasing and Use Patterns

Frequencies of purchasing/ obtaining different drugs

Frequency of Use - All Drugs

Monthly Drug Spending by Frequency of Use

Incidence of Rarer Drugs

Non-Users" Intentions and Market Saturation by drug

14 Market Shares of All Drugs

Drug Problems, advice, and treatment

All drugs - share of total market by region

Illegal drugs - share of total market by region

Illegal Drugs Except Cannabis -Share of total market by Region

Illegal drugs - Spending compared with Seizure statistics

Illegal Drugs - Gross Spending by Region

Illegal drugs - Seizures by Region

15 Changes in Market Shares of Illegal Drugs since 1984

Changes in Proportions of Total Illegal Drug Spending 1984-97


Appendix 1: Cannabis Consumption Levels 1994-97 Consolidated


Appendix 2:


S1 Regional Prices of All Drugs

S2 Cannabis Varieties - Regional Prices,

Differences from UK Mean & Changes 1994-97

S3 Regional 9 oz and 1 kg prices where available

S4 Cannabis Price Distributions by Variety and Weight

S5 Regional Variations in All Drug Prices by Drug

S6 Distribution of Prices of Other Illegal Drugs

Appendix 3 - Sample Survey Form

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