Friday, 19th October 2018

Research Articles

Research articles about drugs and historical information.

Legal Highs, Ethnobotanicals & Research Chemicals - Incidence and usage of less-common (write-in) psychoactive substances reported by IDMU Survey respondents 1997-2011


The write-in options on the IDMU surveys offer a valuable ‘early warning’ system for new psychoactive drugs appearing on the UK market.  There has been a notable (4-fold) increase in the incidence of write-in drugs over the past 5 years, and although part of this is attributable to improvements in survey methodology and data collection, the increasing availability of so-called ‘legal highs’ from ‘head-shops’ and via...

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Benzodiazepines are a class of sedative/transquilliser drugs used in medical practice to treat anxiety, or induce sleep.  The class act on the ‘benzodiazepine receptor’ which regulates the rate of secretion of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) in the brain.

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Regular Users 1


Self-reported drug consumption patterns and attitudes towards drugs.


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IDMU Survey reports big hike in 2010 UK Drug Prices


The 2010 IDMU Drugs Survey has found that prices of illegal drugs in the UK have risen sharply over the past year, continuing and accelerating the rise seen since prices bottomed out in 2006.  The increase is most notable for cannabis, where skunk prices have reached record levels and resin prices are returning to levels not seen since the mid 1990s.  Cocaine purities are at an all time low and wholesale prices at a record high.   Criminalising Mephedrone has resulted in a 50% increase in average prices compared to those offered on the internet in early 2010.

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Taxing the UK Drugs Market


IDMU has conducted surveys of drug consumption in the UK since 1994, involving a total of over 25000 UK drug users recruited at pop festivals and other outdoor events using anonymous self-completed questionnaires, collecting data on frequency of use of a range of different drugs, monthly spending on these drugs, among other data including whether the respondent had been "busted" for cannabis or other drugs.

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UK Drug Market Analysis Purchasing Patterns and Prices


Prices of drugs other than cannabis, including bulk prices, are included for the first time, in national and regional tables- April 1999

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Drug Strategy 2010

IDMU Response to UK Government Drug Policy Consultation


Addresses fundamental issues as to the efficacy of a prohibition-based approach and offers practical alternatives to the existing paradigm.


The ‘why’ to issues surrounding the deterrent effects of legislation, and unforeseen consequences of otherwise successful supply-side interventions.


The ‘how’ – practical solutions to supplying drugs legally in a regulated market, taking the trade out of the hands of criminals and generating tax revenues whilst ensuring effective restrictions on availability.

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