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  1. UK: The 3D Interactive Marijuana 'Galaxy' Researchers Hope To Use To
    Daily Mail, 27 Dec 2016 - * Phylos Bioscience is attempting to map the genetic data for every marijuana strain in the world * The team has so far sequenced over a thousand different kinds, which they plot on the interactive 'Galaxy'
  2. UK: High Time This Happened
    Daily Mail, 26 Dec 2016 - A California company is selling a MARIJUANA monthly subscription box packed with curated cannabis products * San Diego-based Club M requires a California medical marijuana license to join and delivers boxes each month for $97
  3. UK: Column: Look Out! They're Sneaking Up on You With a
    The Mail on Sunday, 28 Aug 2016 - THE most sinister thing I have heard all year was this week's revelation that British government doctors secretly sought to drug troublesome teenagers in the 1960s and we have only just found out. One of the pills they wanted to use was called Haloperidol. Its side effects include incurable lifelong twitching, delirium and rigid muscles. This plan was stopped, but another worrying substance, Beclamide, was given to boys at a Yorkshire 'Approved School' (a state-inspected home for troubled teens). Neither the boys nor their parents were told of this experiment.
  4. UK: Puff Justice
    Daily Record, 22 Jul 2016 - Amputee's Plea to Legalise Medical Marijuana A WAR hero who lost both legs in an Afghan bomb blast is forced to break the law to get cannabis to ease his pain. Lance Corporal Callum Brown is now leading calls to legalise the drug for medical use. He wants to see cannabis made available to patients like him who suffer agonising pain 24 hours a day.
  5. UK: 'Make Cannabis Legal for Medicinal Purposes,' Says
    Evening Chronicle, 09 Jun 2016 - Ron Hogg Said the War on Drugs Has Failed and the UK's Drug Policy Is 'Unsustainable' As He Called on Colleagues to Back His Views Cannabis should be made legal and used for medicinal purposes, Durham's Police and Crime Commissioner has said.