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Self-reported drug consumption patterns and opinions of drugs among 1333 regular cannabis users

 M.J. Atha & S. Blanchard


The authors wish to acknowledge financial support towards questionnaire production from Mr Colin Angus (the Shamen), logistical assistance with the original questionnaires, printed on hemp paper by Mr Peter Messenger (Ecologically Sound Paper), and consultations and advice from Dr Russell Newcombe. We also wish to acknowledge the practical support and assistance with distribution of the present and ongoing surveys from, Peter Loveday, Kim Eley (Hemp Expo), the Legalise Cannabis Campaign (LCC), the Cannabis Hemp Information Club (CHIC), Linda Hendry (LCC Scotland), the Cannabis Legalisation Campaign International Association (CLCIA) Bush Telegraph & Weed World magazines, & Mr Barry Mason. We also appreciate the assistance and information provided by John Witton & Harry Shapiro (ISDD), John Corkery & the Home Office Statistical Unit, Mr Don Aitken, Barbara Jacobson, Mike Goodman & Greg Poulter (Release). Special thanks are due to all those who participated in the survey. 

About the Authors.

Matthew Atha is Director and Principal Drug Abuse Research Consultant with IDMU LTD, providing expert evidence for the criminal courts on drugs cases throughout the UK. Sean Blanchard is a freelance journalist and researcher based in North London, and has contributed articles on drugs and drug policy to the Guardian and Police Review. Together they have conducted a number of surveys of drug users over the past 15 years.

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