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Marike A: Cannabis - a Growers Guide NL 1994 - 26pp

This is a short booklet which is written in an easy, conversational style, and with an amateurish layout.

Disclaimer: Refers to the illegality of cannabis and the severe penalties for possession, growing and distribution. "It is neither the writer's nor the publisher's intention to be encourage anyone to break the law as it stands." Stated that the book was written "as an educational aid to help people understand more about the lore, folklore, customs and uses of cannabis, both in times past, in its history, and in countries where usage is legal.". "This book is sold on the understanding that it is for educational purposes only & not to be used to commit criminal acts".

The book starts with a 3-page history of cannabis from ancient Europe, hemp as a rope and textile, and on suppression of witches ritual use of cannabis by the medieval church. The next chapter is the botany of cannabis, very basic in two pages, and the chemistry - even more basic, in just over 2 pages. Although this information is very basic, it is generally accurate. There follows "Growing cannabis in temperate climates" - two pages on the effect of latitude on day lengths, and problems with outdoor cultivation.

The next chapter: is "Growing Cannabis" 5 pages - starting with a fresh disclaimer about the illegality of growing cannabis in the British Isles, including the statement "I am in no way encouraging you to grow cannabis, to possess cannabis, or to process cannabis". The author discusses outdoor site selection, and stated that the main requirements are "Good seed, good soil, compost, warmth, water". Suggests using seeds in deals of good cannabis (female flower heads with good germinated (sic) seeds in the deal", and cautions against buying seeds specifically. .Suggests potting compost for seedlings, and a light loam with one third sand, and to maintain a neutral pH. Suggests using a "good, organic, green vegetation-based compost, well rotted-down. Suggests heating a greenhouse with paraffin or electrical heaters, or using water barrels as storage heaters. Advises to keep greenhouse sealed to prevent escape of CO2. Advises watering up to twice daily with a can and "when the plants are five or six feet high" advises using a hose Two major inaccuracies in this section, if seeds have already germinated the deal of cannabis would be well past its best, and may have become soaked. In a sealed greenhouse the CO2 level will be depleted, as plants take up CO2 from the atmosphere during photosynthesis, which would not be replaced if the system was sealed.

The next chapter - "Growing cannabis plants" suggests planting seeds in germination trays before mid -April (avoiding frost), in "John Innes" potting compost. Once seedlings have grown their first true leaves, advises planting in a trench 18" apart. Advises keeping watch for pests - slugs, rodents and aphids . Recommends allowing unrestricted growth, but states that pinching out will increase bushiness and an increased number of bud sites. Describes development of male/female flowers. To produce sinsemilla it is necessary to destroy the male plants. Advises harvest when the plants start to wither after full flowering. States that the decreasing order of potency is female flowers, male flowers, leaves (around bud), shade leaves, stems and roots. After harvest, advises grading into shade leaves, flower bud leaves, and flower buds and seed-bearing tops. Suggests low-temperature oven-drying (this destroys much of the aroma in plants and is not widely recommended). Advises storage in airtight glass jars in a cool dark place to minimise THC decomposition.

The book contains a number of diagrams, most of which appear elsewhere. It finishes with yet another disclaimer, and advertisements for other booklets by the author.

Comment: The general level of information is very basic, and deals with outdoor cultivation only. Although published in Holland, it is clearly written with the British grower in mind, with a "chummy" tone which appears to counteract the frequent disclaimers.

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