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Mary Jane Superweed - The Super Grass Growers Guide USA reprinted 1983 - 16pp

No disclaimer. Short A5 pamphlet subtitled "A handbook for high-power pot farming". Reissued by Ronin Publishing as part of the ĘCannabis Underground LibraryĆ.

Describes hydroponics as a method of marijuana cultivation, how to build a hydroponic table, use of vermiculite and other soilless media, organic and commercial nutrient solutions, seed selection, germination, timing of vegetative growth cycle (16 hrs light, plus an additional 2 hrs each separated by 3hrs of darkness), temperature control, use of natural light and gro-lux fluorescents, stressing to produce female plants, symptoms, causes and cures with mineral deficiencies or overdose, grafting hops to marijuana for concealment, breeding and crude genetic engineering (colchicine), use of growth hormones, and dry ice (CO2) during the curing process.

Comment: A brief pamphlet giving basic information, not technical, but now dated and unreliable.

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