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Gottlieb A: (Ancient and modern methods of) Growing Extraordinary Marijuana USA 1975 - 16pp

No disclaimer. Short A5 pamphlet reissued by Ronin Publishing (Berkeley) as part of the ∆Cannabis Underground Library√.

Introduction discusses general aspects of marijuana cultivation, and qualities of different marijuana types. Advises on germination, soil composition (light sandy loam, high nitrogen and potassium, with pH 6.5 to 7.5), seedlings, transplanting, lighting (gro-lux fluorescent tubes, 13 hours/day for maturation and flowering), pruning, removal of male plants, harvesting, drying & curing. Sections on the secrets of the Ganja farmers of India, and methods of Oaxacan Indians. Section titled ∆modern methods of growing superior grass√ advises on hydroponic cultivation, with a diagram showing how to build a hydroponic table, with recipe for nutrient solution. Sections on colchicine mutations (crude genetic engineering), plant shock and pyramid energy.

Comment: A brief pamphlet containing basic technical information, sufficient to allow a novice to set up a crude hydroponic system. Information now very dated - no HID lights or hybrids.

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