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Mountain Girl The Primo Plant - growing sinsemilla marijuana. USA 1977 97pp

Only contents & indoor growing section reviewed. No obvious disclaimer.

Sections include: Before planting - when and where to plant; types, sources and storage of seeds; composting & soil conditioning. Planting - spacing, planting methods, greenhouse culture and indoor growing. Growing - germination, transplanting, sensible feeding, fertiliser recipes, creating the perfect environment. Pruning & Plant Care - pruning, pinching out, cutting, other techniques, rooting cuttings. Flowering - first flowers, sex discrimination, to seed or not to seed, how to grow all-female plants, the hermaphrodite. Harvest - watching the sun, frost, harvest time, manicuring and storage. Appendices : plant problems, pests, experimentation, recipes, bibliography and planning notes/log.

Indoor growing section discusses advantages of indoor cultivation, use of incandescent and gro-lux lights, reference to hydroponic cultivation (as new field) and organic soil mixes. Outdoor growing recommended.

Comment: This book deals primarily with outdoor cultivation, and the methods bear little resemblance to Tricameral Sinsemilla other than matters surrounding organic soil mixtures. The back cover states: "Complete instructions for growing fine, organic, sinsemilla marijuana, the seedless variety prized by connoisseurs for its exquisite high. Mountain GirlĂs expertise in tending this "benificent friend" makes this manual an essential aid for all growers, whether experienced or not.".

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