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Alexander T & Parker D: Sinsemilla Tips USA 1988 c250pp.

Disclaimer: "The material presented in this book is intended for informational and educational purposes. The publisher does not advocate violation of any existing state or federal laws. However, we encourage readers to continue to work on the local and national levels to secure passage of fair legislation covering the use and cultivation of marijuana, and to join the National Organisation for the Reform of the Marijuana Laws (NORML).

A compilation of articles from the growerĂs journal. Contents page only reviewed. Articles on the plant (seed selection, hybrids, breeding, clones and germination), nutrients (organic/chemical, foliar feeding, soil composition), pests (aphids, spider mites, insecticides), lights (artificial, metal halides, safety, light-moving systems, day length and economy), hydroponics (different systems, home-made systems, nutrient management, rockwool), irrigation (drip irrigation, water conservation, water needs & irrigation systems), indoor growing (general, 3-stage beginners course, CO2 enrichment/brewing), harvesting (harvesting, drying and storage), Legal Tips, and Politics/prohibition. Index.

Comment: Appears to cover most aspects of cannabis cultivation. Generally recommends indoor cultivation, 20-30 plants, hydroponic/soil-less medium, use of attics & cellars, indica/hybrid seeds, & 3-5 month growing cycle.

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