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Anonymous A beginners guide to cannabis cultivation. UK 1995(?) 30pp

This small pocket-sized (10cm x 9cm) booklet. Contains no disclaimer.

Contents include: Introduction, Where to grow?, Seeds and their soil, germination, lighting - indoors, feeding, flowering, cloning, drying and curing, setting up a grow-room, pests and problems.

Introduction states "This book has been written with the intention of guiding all you "virgin" green-fingered herbalists through the nightmares of dead plants and skimpy buds, into the dreamy gardens of fat, sticky, megabuds.

Recommends growing indoors as the most practical, but most risky option, with outdoor plants susceptible to pests, and greenhouses offering a compromise. Recommends skunk and hybrid plants as "the only ones worth paying for". Suggests soil pH range 6 to 6.5 (slightly acidic) using grow-bags or hydroponics, germination of seeds in cotton wool before transplanting. Discusses fluorescent lights and metal halide/sodium HID lights. Suggests NPK fertiliser with trace elements, use of antacids (e.g. Rennies( as source of magnesium. Discusses use of 12 hours darkness to induce flowering, and flowering of outdoor plants during September and October. Discusses advantages and methods of taking cuttings (inaccurately states that cuttings can not produce seeds). Discusses harvesting and drying methods, manicuring of buds, and problems with mould. Final chapter discusses problems with overfeeding, overwatering and insect pests (use of washing-up solution and insecticides rather than organic control through predators).

Penultimate chapter gives ten steps to setting up a grow room, including (1) choose an out of the way space with ample room, (2) enclose the room preventing escape of light, and remove anything nor required, (3) cover all surfaces in reflective material to maximise coverage from 1000w HID lamp, (4) maintain fresh air and circulation through venting and fans, (5) maintaining an adequate water supply by hand or automatic (e.g. sprinkler) systems. (6) waterproofing and drainage, (7) use of pulleys to adjust lighting height, (8) implements such as spray bottle, pruning scissors, pH 7 soil testing equipment, tape measure and notebook to record the growth of plants (9) add plants, closely-together, but at least 2 feet away from the grow-bulbs, (10) "the final and most enjoyable part of having your own grow-room is yet to come. Wait for the plants to mature, bud, and then happy smoking!"

This booklet gives the novice grower all the basic information needed to grow cannabis. The style is instructional, chatty, and occasionally amusing. Some of the information is inaccurate, and the general appearance is amateurish with spelling mistakes. The booklet was obtained from a stall at the Glastonbury Festival.

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