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Storm D: Marijuana Hydroponics - high tech water culture USA 1987 - 117pp

Disclaimer: "The material herein is intended for information and reference only. The author and publisher advise against any application of procedures herein if they involve breaking the law or any hazard to persons and/or property. The reader is cautioned about the use of drugs, and advised to consult a personal physician. However we urge readers to support NORML in its efforts to secure passage of fair marijuana legislation."

The preface states "The purpose of this book is to provide reference for growing green plants artificially".

Chapter 1 (Light) discusses technical aspect of photosynthesis, respiration and the effect of light intensity, photoperiodism (day length - under 14 hours for flowering) and lighting for plant growth (HPS recommended).

Chapter 2 gives details of nutrients in hydroponic systems, both major nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, sulphur and magnesium) and trace elements, and the compositions of commercially-available solutions. Advises a pH between 5 (mildly acidic) and 7 (neutral). Discusses water delivery systems, with a diagram of a control layout for a water culture system. Chapter 3 discusses the atmosphere as it interacts with the plant, through stomates (sic) and the effects of transpiration, additional CO2, and aeration of root systems. Chapter 4 suggests and ambient temperature between 22.2oC and 30oC.

Chapter 5 is a relatively detailed account of the cannabis life-cycle, from seed selection germination, vegetative growth, reproductive growth (sexing plants), harvesting, curing, THC extraction and storage. The information is botanical in nature, with data on growth curves, and a BASIC computer program to monitor photosynthesis, growth and environmental data. There are photographs showing the various stages of growth and equipment used.

Chapter 6, titled "Environmental Growth Systems Assimilation" is effectively a step-by-step guide to setting up a growroom, suggesting using a cellar area or indoor closet, painted white, with ventilation, high-intensity light, and assemblies for air circulation CO2 provision, humidity control and water culture systems. There is a list of required materials, diagrams of equipment, control equipment, instructions for construction of equipment, tanks, reflectors etc., using an 18 hour day-length for vegetative growth.

There is a glossary of terms, and appendices on rockwool as a growing medium, and computer-control systems. There is a short advertisement for other related publications.

Comment: This is a very technical and confusing book, with a combination of simplicity and technicality which does not really work. I would consider that the technical content would be too daunting for a novice grower, and the instructions and language (including some of the worst excesses of American terminology) would be confusing. A more technically-minded grower would find the information inadequate, and would be more likely to choose publications from Frank, Rosenthal or Cervantes which cover more technical aspects in greater detail, and which give better explanations for the novice.

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