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Ecstasy - Drugs Act

Q - I'm an Italian student and I'm taking my degree in law at the University of Milan. I'm doing a graduation thesis about Ecstasy and legal problems about Designer Drugs. I know that in the UK MDMA (Ecstasy) was prohibited in 1977 by an emendation to the Misuse of Drugs Act, together with many other similar methaphetamins. I can't find the Misuse of Drugs Act neither any commentary on it. Could you help me? May be suggesting a link on the internet where I can find it.

A - If there is not a copy of the Misuse of Drugs Act available online at the following site, you should be able to order one from there.


Ecstasy is not prohibited specifically, but most of the phenethylamines are prohibited by a generic reference to alkyl-substitutions to the basic chemical structure.

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