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Kava Kava & Amanita


I was wondering if you could tell me the legal status of a couple of hallucinogenic I've been trying to chase up. They are Kava and Amanitas. I know they are legal in the US and some places in Europe but are they legal to possess/buy in the UK. I know that Amanitas is a type of mushroom but the rules concerning mushrooms seem a bit ambiguous. Any info would be a great help.


As far as I know, Kava Kava is not illegal, and neither are Amanitas, but I would need to do more research to confirm that none of the constituents is a controlled drug.

However, either in a raw plant form (even if dried, provided not deliberately) would be legal in the same principles which apply to magic mushrooms, i.e. if they are prepared in any way, and contain a controlled drug, they would be illegal.

The drugs within the Amanita family of mushrooms (which include Fly Agaric, and the fatally poisonous Death Cap or Destroying Angel) are very dangerous, and can be used by animal experimenters as a 'tool' specifically to kill brain cells (excitotoxicity). I would strongly advise against using any of these fungi.


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