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Magic Mushrooms


I hope you people can help me. my friends and i have taken psylocibin over the years, normally by eating it. However, recently have tried to cook it and use it in tea or hot cocoa. Is there a limit on cooking time or temperature? Or do you need to cook it at all? Will it increase or decrease potency? Thank you for your time. any information is greatly appreciated;)


Any cooking of magic mushrooms, or an infusion (e.g. tea) constitute 'preparations' rendering the substance produced as a Class A drug in the UK.

I am not aware of how psilocybin reacts to prolonged heat. Some users claim that the effect remains when mushrooms are cooked. Mushroom tea is a common way of taking the drug, whilst avoiding having to ingest the mushrooms themselves.


Thank you for your time, Matthew. So are you saying that in the UK it is not considered a drug if there is no preparation or alteration of the natural state of a narcotic? Or does that just up the class of A drug. I have found that there is no change if consumed in tea or hot liquid. Just wanted some support for my thoughts. Once again, thank you.

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