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IDMU Publications

  • Regular Users - Self-reported drug consumption patterns and opinions of drugs among 1333 regular cannabis users. Includes data from our drug user surveys. Includes data from our 1994 survey.
  • Regular Users II - UK Drug Market Analysis, Purchasing Patterns & Prices. Second in the series of Regular Users surveys.

  • CANNABIS & DRIVING - read the abstract & what our peers thought of it

  • House of Lords Submission - Written evidence for The House of Lords Science & Technology Select Committee, Sub-Committee I: Cannabis. Evidence to help the Lords decide wether or not to allow cannabis to be used for medicinal use.

  • Medicinal Cannabis - Multiple Sclerosis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Huntingtons Chorea. (Lords Addendum)

  •  Summary of Medical uses

  • Types of Cannabis - Types of Cannabis Available in the UK (Originally commissioned for "The Case for Change" - Release Publications) 

  • LSD - Acid, Mushrooms and the festival culture. A brief history of psychedelic drugs in Britain

  • Historical - How cannabis was criminalised.

  • Indian Hemp - Indian Hemp and The Dope Fiends of Old England. A sociopolitical history of cannabis and the British Empire 1840-1928.

  • Police Review Article - Licensing Drugs A Thinkable Solution. Sean Blanchard takes issue with the politicians who have ignored John Grieve's call for a new look at a major cause of crime. Originally published by Police Review 3 June 1994.

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